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Our Services

Naviagtion Services & Assistance

Let's Move serves as a bridge to restore a fresh hope in the hearts of people. With our navigation services individuals and families have the opportunity to grow. As we assist them, proper guidance and resources are made available to them. 

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Let's Move works to help meet the basic needs of people for themselves and their families. Individuals and families have the opportunity to receive food, clothing, toiletries, and other resources available to them.

Relief Services

Worship Events

Let's Move is a place of refuge and strength for people to get their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs met. We host settings that will serve as a resting place where people can gather, worship, pursue peace and freedom. 

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Let's Move serves various cities by creating supportive environments to promote a pursuit of excellence and help people on their journey to overall wholeness. We provide life changing workshops and create events in environments where people can grow, learn, fellowship and acquire knowledge to be whole, again. 

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